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Hey guys, I bought my Passat and immediately wanted swapped the boring stereo RCD 300
and I did. Changed to a little better RCD 310 everything went smooth and good in 15 minutes
I was finished and closed the car went home. Then when the car was standing two days came to open
pearl but there was silence. Opened with key went and bought a new car battery switched on
then when the car was standing two days again the same thing happened again silence. I thought immediately that
it has not batterits error error found in the car. Went to VW Hammarby Sjöstad where I met a
good boy who had had the same problem with his passat.

Namely, this is how the three-generation stereo can not talk to the 2-nd generation
controllers so when you unlock your car try your controllers turn down your stereo that never goes
down to sleep. There, in that they both sit and suck the gum power approximately 1.5 - 2.0 amps equal that you have left the car with someone bulb turned on, what if it is in 2 days ? .....

In the normal state so draws a regular car in the locked position (if you have an alarm or other features so it will be more) 0.2 to 0.6 amps but with a stereo that does not shut down right as it increases up to 2 amps.
All measurements have I made myself with the amp clamp and multimeter I'm an electrician so it was a ball for once debt work for myself
You can solve the problem in two ways

1) You must be exchanged CAN BUS getawey controller on the car that cost type 2000 SEK plus it should be coded to your car further in 1500 to remove the battery discharge problem for 3500 plus new stereo. I think it is unnecessary bloody cost not worth it.
See the link
Upgrading 2nd generation radios (RCD 300, RCD 500) to 3rd generation (RCD 210, RCD 310, RNS 310, RCD 510) power drain issue |

2) Cheap fast with a little modification in the fuse box (you diagnose your car will always display the error code that CAN BUS getawey controller can not talk to the radio and the radio is wrong coded but people write that it is no problem and it can live with it affects no other and the buttons on the steering wheel let's name things arrive).

My solution to check the pictures is something you do not take no nonsense: shock: ask before I want this thread to be helpful, I live in Stockholm and my car, I have modified itself everything works
perfect stereo starts only if you have the key in the car and when you remove the key, it will shut down on 22 minutes perfectly right and the battery mother good.

It may be that your car is another model and have another fuse no danger there is also
lock I have a VW Passat Highline 06 and in my car F7 fuse for the stereo system I have power to the fuse F18 driven by car key and is free not used.
See the pictures how.
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