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**New Shoe Pics**

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Picked up Jacobs 18's today. I have to thank Jacob aka phatrabbit for the hook up and a good time. He was super nice and i got to check out his super sick passat.

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Pics aren't showing up, but at least its not a red X
You should be able to see them now.
Ok i got on one of the other coputers and they work. THanks darold
lookin sweet mang, watch for them potholes! clear corners soon? love the color, dont see many of those.
Warped said:
:shock: He sold them :???:
I love mine too!
Better selling them then having them collect dust in his garage for the past couple months :lol:
HP Evos are a nice choice, you coming to the mod day on the 26th, will you make it back from Jamaca in time???
Awesome color! You've got the tails. Now you just need new corners & side markers. :)
I will not be making it. Sorry no fine jamaca hash. I will most likely be coming in late like 1am. Im sad. Im just about to order my k04 and that would be great for mod day. Yea i know i know i need clear corners but im poor. Yea i have been driving like a girl all day. With my 15's and my neuspeed springs and bilstein shocks i would take corners at high speeds but know i just putt putt around. The ride is not nearly as good as the foot high rubber i had on the 15's. Im saving them for the track though.
Yea thats that rare 98 electric blue. The one you always saw in the ad's. Yea i did the tails myself thats why i have them and not the corners haha.
thats pretty nice..

what suspension are you running?
The shoes look great man. :thumbup:

Btw, look at the last pic the rims are so clean you would think they are hypser silver rims but they're actually hyper dark rims. That's what I call clean. :drink:
Wow, glad you got the pic working, those look great. The color is amazing as well!
:thumbup: :b5:
wow i thought they were just put on Jacob's car... i must be in hibernation still.
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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