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New project

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I just got a 2000 Passat v6 now I'm new to the vw I have the 2.8 30v and can't seem to find any performance parts or tunes can someone point me in the right direction or is the 2.8 even worth building if so what engine swop would you recommend thanks for your time
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With a stock 2.8 engine, there isn't much to be gained by a 'tune'. With knock sensors, O2 sensors, etc, engines within the last 20 years or so are self-tuning, so to speak. There have been supercharger kits available for the V6. What you shouldn't do is install a "cold-air intake". Suspension on the other hand can be changed if you want it to handle better or like a lower stance. An engine swap is an advanced undertaking and shouldn't be attempted unless you have lots of time, money, and experience in that sort of thing.
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