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Yea, another problem... woo hoo. I can't tell if it's a wheel bearing, stuck caliper, unevenly worn tire, or balancing problem, but here is the 411. I'm getting this strange noise from the front end which sounds almost like that of a helicopter. It occurs more when I move the steering wheel to the right, even if it's just a hair from dead center. I've noticed that the sound is louder in wet weather than dry, why this is I don't know. While braking, the sound increases.

Since I thought it might be a wheel bearing, I jacked up the front end and tried rotating both wheels to listen for a grinding noise, which I could not hear. However, are the brake pads supposed to touch the rotors at all while depressed? The wheel wouldn't spin freely as the pads were touching slightly.

I had an alignment problem a month or two ago which caused the tires to wear on the outside edges severly. Those tires have been switched to the back and the other tires with 100% tread were moved to the front. They felt a bit out of balance but the noise didn't occur until just recently. The noise definitely sounds like it's coming from the front so I doubt it's the rear tires causing the noise.

Like I said before, the noise is there while tracking in a straight line, but increases when turning the wheel to the right. Could it be the wheel bearing, increasing in noise as more load is put on that side? Sorry to be so scatterbrained with these symptoms, I'm just listing them as they come to mind. Thanks fellas.
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