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New Plugs ~ Still Won't Start

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I have a 1999 1.8L turbo, automatic, front wheel drive, AEB engine, 99k miles.

A few weeks back I posted that I had misread the Hayne's Manual putting 6.1 qts of oil instead of 4.1 qts in the engine w/oil & filter change. I drove the car just under 1 mile to test new brakes I had also put on the car. I didn't drive the car again before I realized my error and drained the oil pan completely then putting in the correct amount of oil.

The car wouldn't start so I replaced the plugs (.032 gap per Haynes). The old plugs were not oil soaked. I did discover that the tube attached to the top of the oil filter adapter had broken w/a 2 inch hole in it. I don't know if the excess oil pressure caused the break or if the hole was there before the over fill mishap. It literally fell apart due to deterioration when I removed it.

Bottom line: new oil adapter tube, some new hoses, new plugs, car still won't start. It goes like 99% but can't go the final 1% to actually start. Advice and suggestions please. Next step is a tow truck to take it to the professionals. Thanks
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