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New Passat owner saying "Hi" from North Dakota

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As the title says, just bought my first Passat, first VW in fact. It's a 2003 GLX FWD "wagon" which I believe makes it a B5.5. 147k at time of purchase, not going to say how much we paid as it feels like we almost robbed the previous owners.

First things first (or second as it now is), I do live in North Dakota but I'm originally from England. Moved to Canada in 2011 briefly where I met a Minnasotan whom I later married and thus we find ourselves in dumb f*** ND loving the cheap life, the -40c winters not so much. It's not a permanent thing by the way, living in ND...

Back home in the UK I always owned Fords (and love them) but I have to admit I am really loving the Passat. First got to drive one as a rental on my last trip back. As is always the case it seems with vehicles from the Midwest it had a few niggles (the car) but I'm fixing them. Just replaced the front CV axles (apparently something almost obligatory) and will be sending the dash off soon to get the LCD replaced.

Spent the last week looking through the forum and glad to see everyone looks friendly with some awesome advice and how-to's.

Other car for what it's worth is Toyota 4Runner. There are days we need it just to get out the driveway during the winter (which if you didn't know starts in October and goes on till May).


P.S. I'm James by the way but everyone (back home at least) calls me Zeb as I bounce when I walk, like I'm on a spring. FOr those not familiar with The Magic Roundabout just google it and the word Zebedee. I don't however have a mo unless it's for Movember).
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