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Hi China members.:)

Maybe someone can help answer this question about new 2010 Passat Lingyu.

It has a new touchsceen navigation unit as an option with the all silver face. It looks like this:

Can anyone possibly advise some technical information about the operation of this unit, specifically:

When the navigation is being used and giving directions, is there a display of directions also coming up in the centre of the instrument cluster between the speedo and tacho (like other VW navigation units)?

Is there a possibility in the unit to switch to English instructions on the touchscreen? (The only promotional pictures I have seen have only shown Chinese language of course :) )

How is the navi map loaded - do you just insert the map DVD to play map, or does the information copy to an internal harddrive, so you can use the CD slot for other things??

Or is there a separate DVD/CD player in the luggage compartment?

Also in relation to the Climatronic the buttons beep when you operate them???

The old Skoda Superb buttons did , upon which this car is based.

Only the Fan UP , Fan DOWN ,Temp UP and Temp DOWN buttons beeped on the Skoda. You pressed the ECON and DEMIST button at the same time to activate or deactivate this feature.

Perhaps a Lingyu owner could confirm this on their car??

Any information about the above items would be greatly appreciated.
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