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Greetings everyone.

2 days ago I bought my very first VW, but not only that, it is also my first car ever!
So far I'm super happy with it, there's a couple things that needs to be fixed, but nothing major.

However, I've been trying to troubleshoot the BlueTooth in the car. I've come to the conclusion that I do not have the BlueTooth module, despite it showing in the radio as BT-Audio.
Apparently the module is underneath the front passanger seat, inside a foam board.
In my car, it seems like there is no easily removable foam board like I've seen in different YouTube videos. But there is something. Not sure what it is.

Does anybody know where I could get the OEM BT Module or anything that would make the BlueTooth work with the radio itself?
Would it be possible to install the OEM BT Module?

My radio is the RCD 310.

Thanks in advance. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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