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Hello, Everyone!

I just learned of Club B5 just to day from someone on VWforum.Com. I have been browsing this site for the last half hour and learned so much already.

I own two VW Passats. The first is a silver 2002 GLS, basic alloy wheels and sunroof..otherwise nothing special. The other is a black 2003 GLS with Monsoon, tan leather, and some other stuff that came with it. The 2002 is now my wife's car, and I plan to keep that one looking consevative. However, I have some plans for the black 2003.

Bleser, I sawe the pic of you black Passat and I now consider you a role model. :lol: That was the BEST black Passat I have seen to date and looks very much what I had envisioned for my black Passat.

I look forward to reviewing (and sometimes participating) in these forums.

- 2Fer
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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