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New Member from Albera, B3 Syncro wagon 1.8T owner

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Just dropping in to say hello. I picked up a new daily driver since I live in Alberta, Canada, it had to be AWD. So if found a lovely 91 passat wagon in tornado red, that has a bunch of great stuff done to it. It was originally a FWD 16v car. But the previous owner to the person i purchased it from had swapped in a 1.8T 20v AEB from an audi and the synrco setup from another passat. Its quick, Low and looks great in my opinion. The dude I bought it from was pretty straight forward saying it needed some things and we struck up a deal over the phone and via Email. I flew out, picked it up and brought it home. I have a list of items I will be going through and changing to make it "Mine" and fix all the issues the car has at the moment, but overall, the work that was done was certainly done well. I work overseas and by the time I get home it will be spring, so I can start driving my other toys and get cracking on this one.
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Welcome, I am sure we would all love to see pics.
Fine-ah!! haha. I brought it home, raised up the coilovers about 10mm so I could put some 195/55r15 winters on it abd get a bit of ground clearence.
Here it is in winter mode.

Here is the wheels that came with the car for summer, pic is from last year before I picked up the car, I am selling these wheels now and going with some classic widened BBS rm's in the spring.

And my absolute favorite place to be!!!! Full black interior with Recaros recovered to match.
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Hey buddy! I haven't worked on a car with you forever so when you get back let me know if you want me to add some elbow grease!
Nice seats, but black leather is a bit too hot down here!
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