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New member, due to Takata air bags, stereo/nav & lock actuator issues

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Hello everyone, I joined hoping to find "real" information on the airbag recall. I have a 2013 Passat SEL, had issues with the drivers door lock actuator, no big deal... more of a P.I.A. Then the stereo/nav system would just power off by itself (including MMI portion). Had to fight with the dealer to get the car in the 3rd time, 2nd time too but that was a lot easier than the 3rd. They did replace the stereo unit (found out VW uses refurbished units for replacements), but this one powered down whenever it wanted to also. The dealer told me this was "normal" and gave me the Tech Bulletin about the system booting slow, or freezing while using a lot of memory. I had to freak out until the understood, I would not accept this generic CYA Bulletin and my problem was NOT freezing, but powering off. VW advised them not to accept the car again for the Warranty Issue. I bought it as a CPO in November of 2015 so my Warranty is good until 05/2018 or 60k miles.

The dealer was not cooperative, so I had to more or less "force them to look at it". They replaced the unit again with one they pulled from a 2013 Passat Premium. I got the car back today, no problems on my 18 minute drive home. We'll see what happens in the morning... I'll be video recording again on the way to work, as my confidence is not very high that the problem is gone.

My post/question is more because when they delivered my car to me at work (and picked up the loaner 2014 Passat), I took the driver into my place of employment to "sign off" on the work order he had. I demanded a copy of the work order be emailed to me for review before the driver left the lot, and they obliged. Mileage in mirrored mileage out per the work order, I strongly questioned this, as the system was fine sitting idle in Park. The Srvc Mgr adjusted the mileage on the work order to reflect a 6 mile difference. Was this true, I'm not sure... I asked him to drive it home at night and back to work in the morning (they picked it up this past Friday).

ANYWAY, we got inside the building and the driver followed me right to the copier room. He handed me a single sheet (the work order), but had 5 or 6 pages stapled behind his copy that he wanted signed. So I took his stack, pulled the staples and made a copy (front & back). While reviewing "his paperwork", I notice the open recall (as of March 11, 2016) and am stunned/shocked/concerned. I research a little deeper to find that VW tried to get out of the recall. I guess they are busy/cash strapped with the emission debacle going on.

I want to make everyone aware of the issue because when I asked the Srvc Mgr why I had not been informed, his reply was: Volkswagen will send a letter out once there is a fix available. Anyone that watches the news knows these airbags are KILLERS (up to 11 dead now) and there aren't enough replacement airbags available to fix all of the potentially deadly airbags out there. How can VW just keep quiet about such an issue. They don't honor the warranty they offer to get the sale, now they don't advise their Patrons....???

What can we do? Can a VW Dealer disable the airbag/airbags upon a signed request? At least until the issue can be remedied with a safe replacement. I would sooner take my chances of only the seatbelt saving me in a crash instead of the risk of the shrapnel going through my (or my Wife's) face/throat/neck area as has been documented.

Do I smell another class action cooking? Any words of advice are welcomed. Thank you, and stay safe in your VW/Audi.

George K. / Concerned Passat Owner (I still have 2 Passats. One 2005 and the 2013) I kinda hate that I love them... I miss my '98 Passat, things were simple then.
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Heh. What if you owned a honda? Or maybe the other millions of cars that have recalled airbags. Bagging on VW for that airbag they didn't make? I got my recall notice on my CC. Big deal. When it's ready, I'll get it done. Will I stop driving it? Nope.
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Now you're bringing maintenance into it. Not sure how that changes anything. So if you have a better experience with that automaker, killer airbags aren't so bad?

I haven't heard about the auto braking. Is it a recall? If not, then they aren't required to notify anyone. Same as any other automaker.
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