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New Member - 2004.5 TDI Passat

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Just got a 2004.5 TDI Passat.

We had a 2002 TDI Jetta 5spd manual with 60,000 miles (47mpg lifetime average). :D My wife has been having problems with her knee and complained that over the last 6 months it was painful for her to operate the clutch. :nervous: I have always hated automatics - we had 6 vehicles (a 4x4 truck; the Jetta; a tractor; and his, hers (anyone want to buy a 100th anniversary Harley Sportster 883), and ours motorcycles) they all have a manual transmission. We needed to get one automatic vehicle so my wife can drive again.

There are only three auto vehicles I would be willing to own right now: Dodge Ram Diesel (600lb-ft of torque :bow: ) - too expensive, VW Touareg V10 TDI (553lb-ft torque) - WAY too expensive, or the new TDI Passat - still more than I would like to pay but doable. Having to go from a manual transmission TDI Jetta to an auto TDI Jetta would be painful (less performance and less fuel mileage). However, the TDI Passat has 134HP @ 4000RPM and 247lb-ft @ 1900-3500RPM so that would be more performance at least - and a nicer car even if the mileage is worse than the Jetta. The Jetta was rated 42 city and 49 highway. The Passat is rated 27 city and 38 highway.

We drove the car and loved it - so we bought it. And we got a good deal on the trade (diesels are in demand now with fuel being cheaper than gas let alone the better mileage). We got a deal off MSRP too - some dealers are charging a premium and most are selling at MSRP. My wife keeps thanking me for letting her get the Passat and I love the power even if it is an auto transmission :) - I just wish the DSG were available here. Oh well - next time.

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Excellent! Hope you enjoy the TDI. Make sure you stop by as well. Huge source of TDI info. Not much Passat info though. :wink:
congrats... nice color... ;)

i just don't get the TDI hard on so many people have...? :crazy:

is it just the gas mileage...? :???:
nice car! is this the first TDI on the boards?!?! :)

lovin the color(same as mine) ;)

LIVE4SPD said:
Make sure you stop by as well.

A-Tiller-the hun said:
i just don't get the TDI hard on so many people have...?
Yeah - I love the TDICLUB site (been there since I got the 02 Jetta TDI).

Why the TDI hard-on...? Have you ever driven one? Not just a test drive but actually spent some time with one? It's a combination of things. Yeah the gassers may be faster 0-60 and 1/4 mile but real world driving characteristics of the TDI are so different than the gas engines. There is a tremendous amount of torque available in the TDIs. The saying goes: "People buy horsepower but drive torque."

1.8T I4 has 166lb-ft @ 1950RPM (btw - that is a pretty low RPM for gasser torque peak);
2.8 V6 has 206 lb-ft @ 3200RPM;
4.0 W8 has 273lb-ft @ 2750RPM

2.0 TDI I4 has 247lb-ft @ 1900RPM

What this means in every day driving. There is more power available right now for passing, for manuevering through city traffic, etc.... Let me relay one little anecdote - I was on a trip on the freeway driving through the mountains with cruise control on. There were people who wanted to go faster than me so when we were going down hill they passed me. However, when we were going up hill - I passed them. This happened multiple times with both the same vehicles and with other vehicles. They didn't have the torque to maintain the speed going up hill.

Massive amounts of torque just plain feels great to drive. That is one of the biggest reasons big American V8 muscle cars, and Harleys have always been so popular - lots of torque.

Combine the torque with better fuel economy

1.8T rated 21 city 30 highway (and that's probably if you keep your foot out of the turbo)
2.8 V6 rated 19 city 27 highway
4.0 W8 rated 18 city 25 highway

2.0 TDI rated 27 city 38 highway

And combine the above with diesel fuel being roughly $.30 cheaper in my area and its a win - win - win situation.

Do yourself a favor and try one out if you ever get the chance (it may not be for everyone but hey - I'm happy).

Now if you really want to be a nut you can make your own fuel by converting cooking oil to bio-diesel - so you help the enviornment with both better fuel economy and better emissions - then you save even more by making your own fuel (you just need to find a restaurant willing to give you their used fryer oil). Many diesel vehicles can even run off straight cooking oil (as long as it is strained) with a conversion kit.
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TDI's are popular in the enthusiest crowd because of the increased torque at such low RPMs. Chip the car and the miliage gets even better, along with increased torque.

No its not the 1st, there have been a few around over the past few weeks.

Welcome, and enjoy the new car, even though its an auto.

i've been on the road to enlightenment... ;)
I really wanted a Passat TDI. Coming from a Jetta TDI I bought the 1.8T last September. But I just couldn't stomach the thought of having auto tranny so I went gas. :( Don't get me wrong I love the performance of the 1.8T but I sure miss the fuel economy of the TDI and the sound. :D
LIVE4SPD said:
I sure miss the fuel economy of the TDI and the sound.

I miss the sound of my Jetta TDI too. These new PD TDIs don't even sound like diesels!
TDI is looking pretty attractive when I start looking around for a new ride. Welcome aboard. Semper Fi.
DocJ said:
Semper Fi
dang, thats crucial torque down low!

welcome to CB5!
I would love to see VW offer the TDI in GLX trim. I hate the manual seat adjusters used in lower models. This played very largely as to why I got a GLX. I wished I could have had a diesel in my GLX. I don't like how German car makers somehow equate a desire for efficiency with a desire for base model equipment. While I am not an Accord fan, I do like how Honda offers both the 4 and 6 cylinder models on all levels of trim. Very wise.
American drivers are certainly very different from European drivers and the manufacturers don't feel like catering to the few of us who are driving enthusiasts - which is especially ironic given that VW has styled itself as being for driving enthusiasts - maybe some day....
citispot said:
I would love to see VW offer the TDI in GLX trim. I hate the manual seat adjusters used in lower models. This played very largely as to why I got a GLX. I wished I could have had a diesel in my GLX.

Wifey-to-be has a 99GLX and we're thinking about
swapping out for the TDI. But the ameneties will be gone.

so that's holding us back, a little bit.
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