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I am the former owner of a brand new '99 GLS 1.8t that I sold back in 2005. Great car but it blew the timing belt right before the warranty expired at 100k. Engine was replaced under warranty. I bet it is still out on the road.

Just picked up an 03 GLX V6 one owner car with 113k on it for my son (safest car in the used car price range IMHO). Extremely clean with a few minor issues I hope to start working on soon.


1. Trunk microswitch - latch works, inside switch works, remote works, switch on trunk does not so assume it is the microswitch within trunk.
2. Passenger heated seat not working (Driver's side is fine) - will try new switch. If not, I guess I need to disassemble the seat.
3. Right fog light is out.
4. Headlight lenses really foggy - plan to use a 3M kit on them.

I just had a full synthetic oil change done yesterday as a baseline. Six point five quarts...geez.

No check engine lights yet, but I expect them. Certainly got a ton of them with my 1999.

I am active on other automotive boards including Corvette Forum (over 10 years).

Macomb, MI
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