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New KONI FSD with OE Sport Springs

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So I have them installed. Really nice. All it needs is sway bars mainly on rear.
Car lowered by 1/2" and has a better rack to it than with US stock springs.
Added A4 upper strut brace as well. Big difference in handling now.

I still think though this car is not super exciting to drive. Love it on the highway though. Smooth as silk.

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Leave the front bar stock, and add on a rear. It will reduce understeer, making the more responsive in turns, and you'll keep that nice highway ride.
Just watch your front tire wear... I had the OE Eibach sport springs installed with Bilstein HD shocks. Even though the springs are "OE" they changed the front geometry enough that they ate the inner shoulders of my front tires. I ended up getting Adjustable upper control arms to solve the issue. I think these are the ones I got...
Volkswagen Passat B5 FWD 1.8T Suspension Control Arm - 81350KT - Adjustable Front Upper Control Arm Kit - ES#2594537
Just a tip on anyone thinking about using those SPC arms, they can be had for A LOT less than that price in the link above. :thumbup:

Audizine thread Moog adjustable upper control arms Moog K100092 Control Arm/Ball Joint Assembly: Automotive
I was assuming they are H&R OE Sport springs--am I mistaken?

The Eibachs are too soft and low for performance.
No, they are VW OEM sport springs specific for the car. Did some research and used codes from car to match to springs. Rides great!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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