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Yesterday was day 1 of ownership for a 2000 Passat. 120k miles on the clock and it is a pretty sweet example of a nicely maintained vehicle. With just under 8 hours of ownership it is out of my control now. While you may have thought I sold the car, it merely has passed hands (temporarily) to my son for 2 years.

I'm no stranger to vehicle repairs, rebuilds, restores, paint, welding and full-on diagnosis. With more than a dozen VW's in past ownership (mostly aircooled, but Rabbits, Jettas, no busses), this is my first Passat. I have service records from the original owner (I am #2) going back to day 1. A Bentley manual is being sought out along with a few specialty tools it looks like I'll be needing down the road.

I'll post a question in the forums regarding a mounting bracket.

Looks like a well informed site, I'm looking forward to contributing.

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