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Hey Guys,
I am pretty new at the site but i will try to get the hang of .
Joined to share and learn about passat as mine is driving me insane
2001.5 vw Passat. 2.8L v6- Manual transmission (B5)

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A few days ago, i was driving down the road and the car suddenly stop without warning of any kind. I pushed the car to the side of the road and did the regular checks.
Oil Level- clean recent oil change - one week ago
Water level- Normal. full tank
Fuel level- A little over half a tank.
Battery - full charge. even tried jump starting - No luck
I thought it may have been because i was not getting any fuel ( checked and changed the fuel filter- No Luck)
Checked the fuel pump- Works perfectly
Air filter good
Vacuum good-
Brief on the engine side No issue .
I then moved along to the electrical part
checked all the fuses on the main panel- All good
i then start reading posts online and went and took the front panel off and found a 20amp fuse that was blown, i changed it . i can't quite remember what the fuse controlled.
Then i tried to start the car, it started but shut right off after one sec as if i did.
I then thought ignition switch, and bought one from bap geon, installed it and the car started right up. drove fine that afternoon but next morning , it would crank but wouldn't stay running. so i bought another switch , put it in and it worked fine that day , the next day however it wouldn't start anymore, so i did it again about 8 ignition switches down the road , the car still shuts after a few hours.
I am a troubled, stressed and confused about what could be going on.
The car is a 2001 Volkswagen passat. (New model) Also known as B5.5.
2.8 L, V6, Manual Transmission.
Anyone knows what could be going on?
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