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New Guy in the Group

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Hello All,

As you see I am new to the forum. I recently picked up a 203 Passat 1.8T for my sons first car and had an issue with the oil light flashing. I did a lot of research and see so many different possible issues mainly oil sludge, oil pressure switch, cam chain tenser, etc. and decided to join the PassatWorld group. The crazy thing was no engine lights and alarms, absolutely zero knocking and I thoroughly (at least I think I did) assess the car. Engine sounds and drove very strong, then about 50 mins of driving the light starting flashing and as I was pulling over it shut off and won't start. I am planning to do a full tune up because I notice the spark plugs are old and dirty besides I want to drop the oil pan and see about sludge issue.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Flashing oil can is potentially a fault with the oil level sensor. Check oil level. If okay, check/replace oil level sensor.

Low oil pressure is indicated instead by large, red, "STOP" on dash lcd screen.
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