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Ok so Im not a new to modding cars... I have a 2002 S2000 that I've done a lot of custom work too.

This is my first VW so I'm not sure where to look for parts. Any help would be great. I should have the car tomorrow or Tuesday.

So this is the current short list of things I need to get:

Stock fog light kit
HID conversion kit (What bulbs does the car have stock?)
Clear front turn signals
Springs (I found the H&R ones... does anyone have pictures of them with the stock 19" wheels once they have had a chance to settle in?)
ECU upgrade
Cold air intake
Innercooler with piping
Turbo upgrade
Exhaust (turbo back/cat delete/under 100db) (dual tip preferred)
Blow off valve

Thanks for the help in advance.
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