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New B5.5 owner

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Hello to all and thank you for such an active forum. I research the heck out of things before I buy them and this site proved a wealth of information.

I owned a 2004 Subaru WRX for just over a year. It was a fun car drive but my new hour+ commute each way started to take a toll on my spine. I also knew the service techs at the dealership by name (never a good sign), so I started shopping for a new car. I looked at the Dodge Magnum and the Subaru Legacy GT.

The Dodge even with the "Hemi" seemed a boat. I couldn't get over the automagic transmission. I remembered being thousands of dollars upside down on my last American car and taking the oath "never again".

The Leagcy was tempting with 250 HP, but with all the visits to the dealer with my WRX, I couldn't justify it.

A reoccuring bit of advice kept cropping up eveywhere I went to research cars: "Test drive a Passat".

I did, and I now see the light. I had no idea how much a pleasure shifting could be, or how little road noise I would hear. How much I would appreciate the little things that make it a large joy to drive.

I can't wait until tomorrows commute in my 2004 Silver, GLS 1.8t, Leather & 4-Motion. :)
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4Mo...the only option that I wanted but couldn't quite afford. Nice! :bow:

Paul :thumbup:
Thanks for the warm welcome. I never said I could afford it. :) Just don't tell my GF that. :heart:
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