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So hi fellow Canuck Passat drivers. I'm new to VW and I just purchased from a dealer a 2012 S fully reconditioned supposedly with 50,000kms, and pick it up on Tomorrow. Have balance of factory warranty, but decided not to pay for that additional extended care at $4500. (and every other money grabbing option they offer at the paperwork desk)

I've heard some horror stories about probs getting warranty work done, and claims that aren't covering what you thought you plan would so.. I figured.. given the amount of highway miles I will put on.. (which is a LOT) that paying for an extended plan over 5 years added to financing.. I'd be out of warranty in 2.5 years anyway. (had the same issue with Ford.. man what a waste of money)

Banking a slush fund. Hoping other Canadian 2.5 drivers have had great luck with their cars.
having the freedom to get it serviced where I choose, when I a good feeling. I really like this car and hoping that German engineering lives up to its merits.

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