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First time Passat owner, a 2000 B5 V6. Very happy with it.

Original owner had only the cassette stereo option installed -- no CD. Would like to upgrade it to a better system -- but I DON'T want to go whole hog and turn my car into a mobile dance club with monster subwoofers, etc.

Was wondering 2 things:

1. The speakers that come with the car -- the original 8 speakers -- is it worth replacing them with, let's say, a series of $275/pair of Infinitys? What calibre are the factory installed speakers? Or will replacing the stereo component itself perhaps be enough?

2. Any cautions/suggestions about replacing the component itself? Can new stereos cause freaky things to happen with the car's other electronics (assuming proper installation)?

I'm new to this so any info can help.

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