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So first off I know some of you make think I am crazy for considering this, but I needed a new project.

So I am wondering whether it's possible to create an Arduino powered colour LCD to replace the current red Full FIS display in the cluster. Now I am thinking if I can figure out the signals which activate the displayed warning symbols on the Full FIS, I can display these warnings on my Arduino device by checking these same signals. I believe I should be able to do this by checking the relevant pins for the warning signals into the cluster rather than needing to decode the CAN messages.

So I have 2 questions:

1. Please can someone provide me a list of the warning symbols which appear on the Full FIS display? (Note: just warnings on the display, not the idiot lights)
2. Does anyone have any knowledge of the signals present which indicate a warning? (i.e. I believe a voltage - i.e. not ground - on pin 7 of connector T32b will throw a brake pad warning)

Also if anyone has any input or advice I would like to hear it :)

Assuming this is sensible, my future directions for this project are to:

1. Work out how to read the values for the trip meter, mpg and dte
2. Add a bluetooth module to connect to my android radio and display incoming call ID/current track etc.
3. And of course I hope to have a nice VW style start up logo

Thanks in advance!

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Okay so just an update, here's the warning symbols and sensor values to activate which I have discovered so far using my bench cluster setup:

Warning-----------------------------------------Connector--------------------Pin Number---------------------------Activation Voltage
Brake Pad Worn--------------------------------Green T32b-------------------------7------------------------------------Not Ground
Coolant Low-------------------------------------Blue T32a--------------------------22-----------------------------------Not Ground
Windshield Washer Fluid Low------------------Green T32b-------------------------6------------------------------------Not Ground
Oil Pressure Warning---------------------------Blue T32a--------------------------10--------------------------------------Ground
Brake Fluid Low (Shows as STOP)-------------Blue T32a--------------------------29--------------------------------------Ground

So all that's missing is the low fuel warning as I don't have door sensors on my vehicle. I also wonder if with certain things like oil pressure, whether there are two activation values for high and low pressure?

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Except for the BT integration, the Russians already did it: - Awesomel cluster upgrade!!
Yes I saw this, and i'm definitely going to buy one when I have the money! Until then though I figured I would try to make my own for three reasons:

1. It's a project for me, which I will provide open source instructions and code if I complete it,
2. I have the parts so it will tide me over until I can afford the Russian one,
3. I'm not sure if it would be possible to mod the Russian one to include Bluetooth etc.

The Russian one is obviously much more feature rich than what I have planned as it uses the CAN bus, hence why I will buy one. I was going to use the CAN bus too at first, but after research I have realised it will be a nightmare to decode the messages and I can't find anyone that has already done it and documented it...
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