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My car feels like it losing power. I don't hear the air sucking up in the engine as well I did when I first got my GIAC chip. No recent check engine lights but noticed the loss of power after I took off the 18" rims for the winter and put the stocks back on....the wheels used to chirp in second gear and even third but now it doesn't. I dont get the feeling of pulling hard in ever gear like i used to. Anyone have any suggestions

Here is some info:
2000 1.8T
GIAC chip
silicon vacuum lines
TTT exhaust
Believe its a AUDI TT DV valve on for about 15000 miles or so
*just changed spark plugs and air filter

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Your car may not be breathing well check you air filters and vacume!

AEAtuning (917) 257 5811 Wonderful work, great prices more than a few members have been there, custom turbo work there as well!

-Tell him steve sent you!
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