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I have searched all over this site and cannot seem to figure out what is going on with my car. I have tried several fixes I have found but none seem to work. Here is my situation:

I own a 2007 VW Passat.. A few weeks ago the radiator fans quit working. The AC was still blowing but would only blow cold when driving. We got the radiator fans back working but now the air will not blow at all on any setting. My back windshield wipers also stopped working around this time along with my cigarette lighter. The car would also jerk really bad when going from park to drive. It also was not driving as good. It would not get up to speed as fast. I would have to press on the gas harder to get it up to speed in traffic. We took it to a local mechanic in our town who works on VW but after 2 days he could not figure it out either... After searching the internet and this website we found out there is another fuse box under the steering wheel (the owners manual says nothing about this fuse box) We tested one of the 460 and it was showing low so we bought a new one and replaced it. That did nothing. I put 2 pics at the bottom of this to show what I am talking about. The fuse we replaced is the circled one on the right.

Another thing that started to happen was the car would not start on the first attempt and on the 2nd it would lag before starting (like the battery was going dead) Once this started happening the jerking when changing gears stopped and it was driving better. I took it to have the battery tested to see if maybe that was the overall problem and the guy told me the battery was bad. We borrowed a battery charger and left it on for several hours. The battery charger read the battery was at 85% when we first put it on there? This morning it started easier but the jerking and driving problems are back.

One more thing thing to add is that we went ahead and tested all of the fuses. They all read good except for the 10.. I cannot remember exactly which one but it was def. one of the ones circled in the 2 pic. That is the fuse box under the hood.

I am sorry if my explanation is confusing.. I do not know about cars but I am desperate to fix this myself if it is possible. The only fuse diagram in the manual is for the box under the hood but does not describe what all of the fuses control. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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