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need help with choosing a passat?

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Im trying to choose a passat. My 03 passat just got totalled on new years and now im in the process of buying another one. I found 2 passats, one has no reverse, new flywheel, 90k miles, and new clutch. He wants 2500 but i wont pay that much. I need advice on this one because i heard its hard to find transmissions for vw's. Second one has front end damage. Will need a whole new front end, has alittle over 100k miles and i dont know how much he wants, its been sitting for awhile so ill make a offer of like 1500 the most probably. Both are 1.8t and 5 spd. Please help me out i need a car and am ready to start putting work in it. :wrench:
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Not a lot of information there, but I'd generally prefer something with a known problem (transmission) no matter how large, than a wreck with a multitude of unknowns. Transmissions can't be that hard to find; you only need one.
One with the bad trans for sure. There are plenty of transmissions out there. The one with the front end damage has too many unknowns.
What year & engine is the one that needs a transmission?
never take a front end damaged car unless u know your stuff or what you could be getting into. You could have it checked out by a shop before you buy. But id say the onewith no reverse shouldnt be a big deal (unless you think of the reasons why teh transmission went out [crazy driver! :driving:])
What year & engine is the one that needs a transmission?
its a 99 and 1.8t motor. dont know the engine code. trying to find that out now
How about the one that says Honda..? :whistle:
LMAO :lol:
The one with the transmission problem has a new clutch and a lightened flywheel. so i think thats the way im going. Thank you guys for the help. But i have one other question. do i need to know the engine code in order to get a tranny? sp33dy has one for sale for 350 and im ready to buy. But if it has to fit a certain 1.8t motor then i have to wait.
It looks like there's two different manual transmission codes possible for a 99 1.8T... either a DHW or DVX. Unless someone knows if they're interchangeable, I'd make sure the transmission code in the car matches the code of the one you're looking to buy.
go for the one with the blown transmission, if you can get the price down low enough ($1K-1500 MAX) then talk to vwb5t, im pretty sure hes got a 5 speed hes selling. and unless im mistaken, im pretty sure almost all the b5/c5 bellhousings/clutch/flywheels match up, someone correct me if im wrong.
thanx.... vwb5t sold it to sp33dy but he hasnt responded back to me. ill try hitten up vwb5t and find out about the tranny that he sold to sp33dy.
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