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Good day all. So I am new to this forum thing and need some help. I am not great with all the technical terms, but I am learning. I recently had a huge dilemma with my b5. I was driving it and a huge smoke cloud started happening, when I stopped driving it we assumed it was the head Gasket. I never turned it back on after the smoke incident.
Hired a guy to do my head gasket and got screwed over.
Long story short I have replaced the head gasket, done a timing belt change, replaced the coolant flange (mine had a huge hole in it) some other parts connecting everything to the engine that had broke.
During the process I have replaced the whole head, head gaskets, timing belt, timing tensioner, along with the other two belts in the front, new spark plugs, new coil packs, new seals on everything.
After like 4 months of this horrible car situation it is all back together but not running. I can get it to start, and the engine sounds great, but it does not idle correctly. It lopes while idling, and it kicks the big tube connecting to exhaust manifold off. It is sucking backwards or something.
Someone told me it may be the intake valve (in the front passenger side) but I dont want to keep buying parts if it is not going to fix it. I need suggestions...Any one in the Olympia area with a code machine that could help me out?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....
A lost girl who wants to drive her B5 :confused:
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