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I have had this problem for a while but ignored it until it became a problem again. I ended up changing my OEM shift knob a few years ago and used Maestro's DIY Tip Shift Adapter with a Momo Shift knob.

While I was doing this I ended up breaking the loop on the top of plastic shift rod that the pin goes through but was able to drill a hole in the plastic shift rod for the DIY adapter. This is the rod that is pulled up when the button is pushed on OEM Tiptronic shifters and is pulled up with the Tip Mod Adapter and aftermarket Shift Knob, Momo in my case when you lift the knob to get it out of park.

Well, I decided to purchase the SPP Tip Adapter and it doesn't work since the plastic loop piece broke off of my shift rod so the shift rod is too short now. The pin on the SPP adapter is above the shift rod since the loop is missing.

What I want to know is if I am able to replace just that plastic Shift Rod piece that goes down the middle of our shift selector shaft? If so, does anyone know the part number for a 98 B5 1.8T AEB? If not, does anyone have any other suggestions for me to fix the shift rod?

And, I know, this was a bonehead move by me but I am guessing I might not be the only one in Shift Knob mod world that has done this? :)
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