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I just got my car back from brake service and everything is fine...although for some reason the car just isn't pulling like it used to and the the engine hangs when i let go off the throttle...

here's the breakdown:
First gear....rev to 3k...shift to second...rev to 3k..shift to third....rev to 3500 rpms, let go of throttle and it hangs there for almost a whole second...then finally starts to come down....

i thought that maybe the mechanic put gas in the car and didnt put in i switched to stock still does the same thing except it doesnt hang as long....

is this a timing issue? or something more serious? I just changed all 4 plugs and a failing coil pack...I also just did the grounding mod to the battery...

99 passat 1.8t 5spd.
68K miles
91-oct. apr chip
1 - 4 of 4 Posts