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Need brake info... New rotors, pads on the way

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Help! I've searched untilI've read some things three times. There is a lot of references to the Info Forum brake article, and complaints about there being no pictures, well there's no article either!

Can an admin or someone get it back online? - its presently tagged for deletion, and is empty.

I have a 2003, 25K miles and of course the LOVELY rear-bias of the crappy stock system has led to warpage and a horrid pulse at the pedal, and now the rears are making noise.

This is my 2nd Passat, Like a MORON, I got raped at the stealership on the first car with a nearly $1,000 4-wheel brake job - never again.

I bought front and rear ATE rotors and PBR/Axxis Deluxe pads and they are on the way.

Is 2003 too new to get a Haynes manual??

What size hex-head socket is needed on the Caliper pins 13mm?

Torque specs on those and mounting bolts???

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I found a cool link that might help
For the front you need a 7mm Allen wrench and an 18mm (I think) socket for the carriers. If wou were in northern CA I'd give you a hand.

It's pretty obvious, the manual won't help much. I've posted a couple of pictures recently of my switch to 12.3" fronts. That and the change to Axxis Ultimates has made a big difference to braking.

I guess I should do a writeup this weekend and find out where my 100Mb of ISP web hosting space is.
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