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Edit: So as it turns out the hood latch support rod was rubbing on one of the pullies causing the noise. When the car was in P, R or nuetral it was flexed into the support rod but when in D it flexed the other direction and away from the rod. Scared the heck out of me though!

I got the fluid level figured out by using an infrared thermometer on the pan. I'm still not sure if the car was level though. Initialy I used the door trim but to check level but found the edge of the trani was not measuring the same. I used the trani in the end and I think that should work out. If anyone else knows a good spot to verify level on the car that might be a good thing to know for the future. Thanks are in order to the forum member that ran a VAG-COM scan on my rig today. I dont know your member name but you know who you are.

I posted this on Eurowerks as well but I figured one of you might be able to lend a hand.

I'm in Rockford 15 miles west of plymouth on 55 and I just did a transmission filter change on my 2002 Passat 1.8T with 113k on the clock. I need to check the temp to make sure the level is on. I did the filter swap and filled it up with Mercon V and now its making a whiring/grinding noise kinda like there is sand in the fluid or a metal plate is toutching on something as it revolves. The noise is preasent when in P, R and neutral not so much in drive. No good for sure. I want to verify that the fluid level is spot on before I freek out totaly as I did not have the use of a VAG-COM when I filled it up. If you have the time tonight or on Sunday that would be a big help. I have a batch of home brew or some cash for your trouble.

Anyone who has had similar experiance or some thoughts/insight on the subject your comments would be appreciated.


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