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Need a oil feed line! NOW!

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I'm getting ready to replace my turbo, but discovered a few issues. I have a hole in the flex part of my oil feed line. I need a new one like yesterday! I looked on ebay and all I saw was used ones, and these:

The end of the ebay one doesn't look right, it looks to be too fine of threads to fit into the oil filter housing? Does anyone have any experience with these? Or can you build your own?

What kind of pressure does this line see?

Anyone have any suggestions? I need it quick and cheap!
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Anyone have any suggestions? I need it quick and cheap!
Quick and cheap are not the qualities I'd be looking for on that part. Instead, I'd be Googleing the part number for the best price on the OEM item.
Ok, well, I do need it quick, but "cheap" meaning I'd rather not pay $200 for a little, though important oil line.
The factory piece doesn't seem all that strong to me. That is why I was asking what kind of pressure it sees. I have some swagelok fittings and tube, but wasn't sure what size the fittings were?
I really just need the sizes of the fittings on these feed line tubes. Anyone know what they are?
No one knows what size the fittings for the oil feed lines?
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