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I'm having some issues with my b5.5 Passat 1.9 4motion, i will give you a bit of history first. About 5 months ago the turbo failed so i bought a recon one from eBay. Done all the work myself and got her back on the road but had a niggling issue where it lacked boost at low rpm, slow turbo spool etc. Now summer is coming i thought i would have a tinker with the actuator length so i wound it up a bit. Took it out for a drive, it seemed a little better then it broke down. Car smoking and stalled, wouldn't restart. Checked in engine bay and saw the turbo hoses after intercooler were vacuumed in, had to pop one out and drive home.

Now i have adjusted the actuator back but it still does it, not if i start car up and rev it but if i drive off it starts to stutter then stall with the boost pipes collapsed again.

I was thinking maybe the vanes are either broke in recon turbo or stop screw adjustment is totally out, also possible in a recon turbo. I did a vag com diagnostic output test 11 to test the actuator as here Turbo stop screw adjustment on TDI engine with zip tie to fix engine hesitation | VW TDI forum, Audi, Porsche, and Chevy Cruze diesel forum and the difference is about 65 between open and shut. Where as it should be between 80-250 as it says in that link.

My question is am I right in thinking that the turbo always provides air even at idle and mine isn't supplying enough due to this adjustment or do i need a new turbo? :cry: also how do you get to that stop screw as the actuator is in the way.. take it that has to come off?
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