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Neat license plates

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Does anybody have unique or cool license plates that they have pictures of? i wanna try and get mine to say 18TK04 or something of that nature, my friend with a WRX (after market turbo and so forth) is gonna try and get one that has "Spoolin" on it, anybody have something like that??
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Well, I don't actually have the plate but I wanted to get 1337VW (Elite VW for you non-computer geeks) but Minnesota has rules about 2 letters and the rest digits... So I may actually try for ELITEVW or ELITEB5 now.

OK, now let's see some awesome plates...

Mine Says "JUSTDRUM" not dub related i know but im a drummer... Some friends of mine say "SPOOLED" and "MK4RABIT"
My previous whip....

...and how I kept it "legal"... matching rear NY plate...

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hey boeser wher did you get that front license plate? i love those, i want one where and from whom did you aquire that from?
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