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Hey Guys:)

My name is Nathan Da Silva, I live in Milton, ON. I'm here to introduce myself to the forum.

I bought my first Passat, late 2014, from 2L_Dub_Pimp. He's been a member since 2007.

I'm a volkswagen enthusiast, always looking to learn and do more.
This is my second Volkswagen, previously owned a MK3 golf.

The car has been sitting for most of the winter, and it kills me. I'm excited for this winter to end:wrench:

These are the following mods; all respects to Ricky:thumbup:

Manual, 1.8L, turbocharged sedan, AEB engine.
All silicone hoses in the engine have been replaced, upgraded Forge 007 diverter valve. K03 turbo was upgraded to a K04.
Lowered on KW Variant 2 coilovers.
Muffler is twin sqaure DTM tip Magnaflow muffler. 2 point front strut brace. S5 style headlights.
Front bumper has a jerwazy front bumper extensions that are nice understated body kit.
19 inch RS4 rims with a set of low profile tires. 12mm wheel spacers in the rear with 8mm spacers at the front.
The interior is black with GLS door panels with leather inserts.
Short throw shifter with a Momo shift knob and woodgrain trimmed center console and ashtray.
B5.5 center console. 500 Watt mono amplifier. Subs in the trunk is a set of 10" or 12" Kaption subs in a ported custom box.
The tail lights have been tinted by Jonboy tinted tails.
Boost gauge and oil pressure gauge in an A-Pillar pod.

I know I'm missing some mods, but thats most of it.

I'm thinking of doing a few things to the car, but I hope I can get some suggestions and make some friends here throughout the way.:)

Thanks guys!

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