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Flushed car last night (2001 1.8t B5, 54k)- coolant had nasty stuff in suspension and expansion tank discolored. I'd hoped that the gunk was only in the tank, but I saw preciptated junk on the radiator drain plug as well. :nervous:

Will BG flush help this? Have heard good things about their products in general. Have to flush again anyway as I only drained the radiator, hadn't read about the block drain.

If it won't, I'm concerned about the car long term. I'm the second owner but the car was serviced by the same single dealer, from the records I saw. Talked to them and they said under the prior mgmt the evil green stuff might have been used :mad:

Sucks that coolant is such a big issue, and $24/gal at the local stealer.

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