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Hi, this post will represent my introduction. Hello all. I am a 6 time VW owner. It all started in 1991 with my first "new" car, a Jetta Wolfsberg Ed.. On to a '99 Passat Wagon (wife) and VR6, 2004 VR6 4motion Passat, 2005 GLX Passat Wagon, now a 2015 Passat LE.

I have always done most of my own work, short of major drive train issues. Although I did install a Helicoil in my 99 and drove it for another 12k.

My current issue is trying to understand the SD card slot. Manual says it only recognizes 2048 files, this seems super low. I have seen posts that contradict this number, perhaps there is firmware update? Anyway, I will poke around before posting a question (prior sentence excluded).

Cheers from the Boston suburbs!
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