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My weird butchery B5 restore and daily ride for y'all

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Car Automotive side marker light Wheel Automotive parking light Tire
Car Mirror Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

Vehicle Automotive lighting Wheel Steering wheel Plant

Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Wheel Tire Car

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Car Automotive tail & brake light

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive fuel system Automotive design

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive parking light

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Steering part Automotive design

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Car seat cover Automotive design

Just showing the weirdness of it. I know most of us B5-ers arent existant, yall dont have to have a fossil b5 to chill 🤣

Do want to restore this thang ever so slowly, based in WI again. Tan Black interior is hard to find, its pretty trashed and rigged. Currently on a "MonoWiper" mod as the wind was so bad a few days it broke my Drivers side and rendered it useless. 20 inch Passenger covers my side

Currently outta gas, and living in the car 🤷👎🏽 🤣 gotta VAG it or find someone in WI who can push my boost to a permanent 16 (yes I know shame) and move top via VAG speed to its surprisingly beautiful 135 tested in Salt Lake to a safe 152 😅

Catless downpipe as well nothing past it. Not terribly loud.

Yes it is what ya think is on top, and no its not hooked up at current moment.
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