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My name Josh, i have been to many states, im 28, married and absolutely love or (hate) anything automotive or burns dino juice.

I truly love how these cars drive, they are comfortable road cars. Some things seem easy and other things are a pain in the ass. Like the damn front wheel bearing on the wifes car.
That little red 2001 Passat was an impulse buy for parts for the silver 2000 beside it (wifes car)
$250 bucks, non running and 145k miles. This picture was taken after i dropped it off the dolly. I spent a short time picking at the engine to see if i could make it run. After a little digging and getting it to start and run like shit, i discovered it had jumped a tooth or two and timing belt was about as tight as a wet noodle. I ended up tossing a new timing kit in it and have been driving the car almost every day since that evening. Shes a little beat up. The right front fender was white, that got painted some Chrysler red i thought was close ( it is not) lol. The left front corner of the hood is caved in enough that the left side of the cassette behind the drivers headlight is all cracked, headlight aim is a pain. Its currently about 1200 miles from 150k on it. It runs awesome, tons of power, more then the wifes car it seems.

Now both cars are no where near mechanically sound. the red car had and abs module failure and screens stop at you every chance it gets. It leaks oil from damn near everywhere. I did come with 2 new cam chains, 2 tensioner's and the required gasket get for all that to work. Oh, i almost forgot about the new parts. the previous owner had said they had talked to a mechanic and that guy had said it need new cam chains. So i have a bunch of spendy parts i dont need. The gasket will be replaced to slow the oil leaks when i have time. Anyway, the clutch switch for cruise kill doesnt work, that gets annoying when you forget about it and send the revs to the moon. The body is ruff, those ugly wheels and brand new cheap wall-mart tires(already on the car when i bought it) Believe it or not the engine light is only on for a down stream heat circuit failure.

The throttle response is weird, its slow to react and slow to rev down so shifts are slow to save the clutch, that i assume is getting weak. The clutch engagement point is right on the tippy top of peddle travel, you can breath on the clutch peddle and make it slip

the 2001 drives better then the 2000. Maybe that has something to do with the fact the 2000 has been on its side
This is all i can think of for now, thanks for dealing with my poor grammer, sentence structure and rambling.

Very poor photo quality but it shows the caved in hood corner and the fender that no longer matches and also, the bullshit tape my wife put on the bumper to hold it up after she tried ripping the bumper off on a curb at work. Oh well, its not pretty. its just a runner.


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