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Him? I think that's the first time I've ever heard a Passat referred to in the masculine.

Anyway, it looks pimp. It'll look even better lowered. :thumbup:

How are the hot springs this time of year? 8)

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Bigger brakes too, those disks look lonely in there so far away from the wheels.

This is iceland we are talking about, it may be worth having the occasional inch or two of ground clearance. How much good road is there in Iceland anyway?

Icelanders are nuts! You should see their idea of offroad racing, you wouldnever believe that a 1000hp jeep could be driven over a river without sinking in, but it can. We aren't talking about 10 feet wide and 8" deep either, more like 30 yards wide and three feet deep. With enough power and big tires you just skate over the surface. They also took a snow mobile round an island off the coast, they don't sink if you don't stop!

Ah well, all I ever saw was Keflavik airport.

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