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My Passat and myself may be older but we have never joined a forum...

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Never joined a forum of any type. So I apologize in advance if my etiquette is 'off'.
Bought my 2001 Passat two years ago off Craigslist. (Yes, I know) Visited 3 dealerships and a few rather seedy neighborhoods that day. Had all but given up but stopped at the Passat listing. Best. Decision. Ever.
Not only were the sellers the most friendly Chicago Bears fans I'd ever met, they were phenomenal car owners. A family of VWowners, they had bought my car brand new and taken better care of it than I have my own children at times. Not a scratch, dent, piece of dust, etc. No dashboard lights, brand new tires and a binder full of every oil change, lightbulb replacement, etc. Never owning a Passat, I had no idea how in love with this car I would become. I owned a 2013 GMC Envoy and my 01 Passat is not only cleaner but insanely fast.
So, after my wear n tear throughout the past couple years..I have to add I live in MI and in the country where the city doesn't care if you literally fall into the road while driving...I have replaced a bent rim, tie rod ends, struts, and my damn oil pan TWICE. That pan in literally 6in off the road. With no type of skid guard...wth???
I am in the market for a new Passat and my 16 year old son is inheriting Moms. This winter did one helluva job on my poor car and there are quite a few repairs needed. Being the kid is 16, I'm hoping to ask a few questions, read a few threads and figure out what is the best way to go. I do have an adequate stockpile of mechanics in the family but they all seem to get offended when asked to work on my foreign car. Lol.
Anyways... that's my 'new member intro'... A for effort, I hope???
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Obviously no one ever told you about some metal skidplates available to prevent damage to the oil pan. As soon as I got my former 2002 Jetta I had a aluminum plate installed and it saved my bacon many times over. When I got rid of the car, there were many very deep gouges on the EVO skidplate but never any damage to my oil pan. I once had to straddle two bricks mortared together on the road with the middle of my car.

As soon as I bought my 2015 Passat I again had an aluminum skidplate installed.

I'd venture to say if you had the rotten plastic one and a new oil pan replaced by a dealer you probably kissed several hundred dollars goodbye.

Evo aluminum skidplate
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