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2001.5 B5.5 1.8T stick Sold :-((
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I'll admit I wasn't a fan of the Bilstein's either after having them on my 98 Ford Explorer. I swore I would never by those "junk" shocks again. They lasted less than a year and cost me a ton.
The PSS9 is a completely different type of shock. They're built like little tanks.
The biggest advantage of the PSS9's is they have no gas charge. They have mechanical valving in place of a gas charge on the one side of the shock piston. So theoretically speaking, as long as the shock seals hold out the shock will never lose its effectiveness to damping the ride.
The PSS9's also have 9 adjustment settings from dead stiff to Cadillac float on a cloud ride. The adjustment dial is easily accessible without remove anything from the car.
The only drawback to these, the price is steep. But if you're serious about how your ride is...

Myself and veteran member keithwbloom had these installed on our cars. I don't know of anyone else off hand here this group that has them.
I had those PSS9 too and they are the best, period
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