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My Latest Ride...commence with the 4x4 joke!

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It's a work in progress, Chipped underpully and ecs clutch is all so far. Yes you can see my plate number!:wrench::lol:

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Where did you get those headlights? I must have them! :lol: Nice work so far, but you really need to debadge it.
Why thanks, and no you can have my headlights as for where the came from, I'll try to find out.
HDR's are noice! That Nissan Murano behind you must be lowered :p
Thanks you and screw you! after the recessions over I'll get suspension.:wrench:
welcome back kid!
so when do you commence the car crushing? ;)

nice looking car, Steve.
looks like mines... 4 years ago =)
nice pictures
Very funny Grandpa! I'm still waiting for my big foot stickers!

Thanks guys!
See now thats just wrong, Bk traitor!:wrench:...he does have less wheel gap then me tho...:cry:
Looks goods.

I guess we'll start seeing "how's my modding skills, pt.xx" threads :poke:
Nice ride... looks like you're already ready for winter. :poke:
looking great steve. are those anthony's old wheels?
yep they are pre-muscled!
looks clean!! can't wait to see it become a car, rather than this SUV I'm seeing. :poke: :p
1 - 20 of 42 Posts
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