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Went to my first autocross event on saturday:driving:. Had a good time and managed to not come in last place:lol:. That was mainly due to the person who showed up with the mrec sls AMG who had no clue how to drive it. Only had one attempt that didn't end in a DNF.

first run was a run through at 83.173, 2nd DNF missed a cone in the exit of turn one. 3rd 77.274 4th 75.872 5th 73.173
shots by the photographer that showed up:

a few from my camera:
My friend TJ in Elvira

me coming out of the sweeper into the slalom section(taken by TJ)

The 400 HP 1200 lb banshee driven and built by TJ's dad:

i found out at this event that my rear driver's side shock is blown, just finished replacing the control arms up front guess the rear felt neglected :wrench:
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