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Good evening PW. I'm going to start documenting my daily. It's going to go threw multiple suspension improvements and cosmetic to suit my comfort and ride feel for me with my personal styling.

Back History:
I'm a car whore, I've owned approximately 70 cars in my life time, ranging from domestic to import to euro, truck to car. I have multiple memorable projects but due to my own stupidity never finished one because of wanting something new or different. I've been in all three platforms of driving; AWD, FWD, and RWD. I'm planning to keep this for a while unless I cross paths with a 4 motion with a manual or an S4 for a good deal (Have a obsession with them even though I've never owned one). Now back to the topic.

2003 Passat GLX, 2.8V6
Mileage as of today (02/17/13): 202335

Current Mods:

Raceland Coilovers


17x7.5 ET37 Mercedes Benz Monoblocks

Black Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror

Alpine CDE-112 CD Headunit

I purchased it from a auction as a daily Feb. 8th 2014. Needing cosmetics (Still slowly correcting) and failed alternator and miss fire due to failed coil pack. It had 2 Passat GLX wheels, a spare and a Audi A4 wheel. It already had the Raceland coil overs. The radio was gone, and it was missing the rear view mirror. Here is Day 1 photos.

So I got it home to find the alternator had died. So I bought an alternator and a new battery. Took about an 2 hours start to finish. Was a PITA to remove the old one one it got it in to service mode but I got it out with some first blood.

Taken 02/14/14

I found a used Alpine head unit and picked it up for the time being. Installed it fearing completely blow speakers because there was a power wire attached on the battery which lead to the trunk and the trunk was some what dynomatted. Luckily I only get a little feedback every once in a blue moon on tweeters. Installed the new rear view mirrow I found on craigslist.

The next day I went to the local pick-n-pull to scavenge for parts which to my luck was a bust, the two that were there the weekend before were gone to car heaven. On my way out the door I saw a set on Mercedes Benz Monoblocks. I had to have them.

Taken 02/15/15 (For drive game on local forum)

I spend a full day preping the wheels widening the bolt holes to fit a 14mm wheels and a few coat of Gunmetal wheel paint after some sanding, until I can get the time to smooth the faces of the wheels due to scratches. The following day I removed the previous wheels for the first and last time. Then I dumped the rear to level

Taken 2/17/14:

There will be more to come so stay tuned.....
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nice pickup with the wheels!
Yea I know I got them for a good price compared to what you find people listing them for. I just need to do some more refurbishing on them when I get the opportunity.

Scored a M3 style truck spoiler as well for $50 new just haven't gotten around to installing yet. Hopefully have it on by the weekend.
Those lowers stick out like a sore thumb. Get some back-to-black on those beasts. :thumbup:
Looks nice!! And Wooo! Another va member!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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