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My Contribution to BBB3

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Just a few different ones:

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More pics!!!! NICE!!!!!!
any highway caravans?
I have video but i need to find a host for it!
20vvillian said:
I have video but i need to find a host for it!
Steve, you got any more rolling shots??? I want
OMG, I you got a pic of the Buick Shocka! I returned the car yesterday. I miss her a lot. :cry: (Yeah, right :lol: )

Steve, I'm trying to configure my server with a guest account for you but I am having trouble setting it up. Why don't you try Carlitos server in the meantime?
Very nice job clearing out the plate numbers. I like how you matched the yellow of the NJ plates and the white of the NY plates. But what I mean to say is "BUMP"
I have to edit the video in to bite sized chunks my boy is good with the cameras! :thumbup: Buickside!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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