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My baby got

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My car got egged recently. if yours ever has, you know what happens to the paint. Now that the paint is all slivered under the top coat, what should I do??

1. Graphics? :shock:

2. Pull $$ out my a$$ and get the ENTIRE car re-painted? :thumbdow:

3. Just live with it? :cry:

4. Use a great idea from the Club B5 people? :bow: :thumbup:

Please let me choose number 4. Pics on the way.

The eggs hit the black part up by the window on the drivers door, by the gas tank, and right above the passenger side back wheel well. I can't think of a graphic that will cover all of these areas and look half way normal.

Anyone have a rough estimate on a paint job? :nervous: :cry:

Please help me and my baby. We are both sad!! :cry:
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Consider why your car was egged and think hard about what would happen if you went in for a paint job and the 'egg-ers' came back.

I don't know if it would help but I think Saf-Cut from the Wax Shop or 3M's professional shop compound line may help. Otherwise your other hope is a clay bar.
Insurance? Vadalism claim? Check and see man.
That sucks. I got egged one night, but it set off my alarm and at 400 am on a mid-January morning I was washing my car.

Mean people suck.
my friends car got egged one night and the next day around noon we found out and just cleaned it ourself and no damage was visible afterwards....
Wash it real good first to get all the egg off. Then use a clay bar to get the rest off. Once done, wash, wax, polish. Routine waxing will help to protect your car from such elements in the future.
Thanks for the tips. The paint is actually cracked and split under the clearcoat. Like little shards of egg shell are there. You can't feel them just rubbing it, but it looks like the paint is cracked or egg shells. I will get an estimate on a paint job. :cry: It was egged before I purchased it, so insurance not an option, unless it happens again??? :wink:
Find the eggers & get a little revenge?? I'd be pissed :mad: and I wish I could be more help
A loaded 9mm works WONDERS if you catch those little fuggers. Just point and shoot or point and throw them a bottle or jar of polish and tell them to get to work.

Man i would litteraly beat someone within an inch of their life if this happened to me, thats what really scares me. :crazy:

Pictures man! Unless it was a lead egg, I'm not sure how it could have cracked the paint under the clear. I'll echo the clay bar advice, that stuff does wonders for stubborn crap. But like the other detailers here would say with something odd like this, a picture is worth 1K words.
The actual fracturing of the egg will mar the clear coat to a depth you may not be able to polish out and the enzymes in the egg itself will attack the clear in those mars. Sometimes the angle of the hit deflects the shell particles and your ok but a 90 Deg hit usually crack the clear like that.

Now don't be flaming me on this but it works and I know from experience it does. If your lucky and your car color is close Turtlewax makes colored waxes that will actually go in and fill those mars to a point.

Last week I detailed an Explorer with clear failure and it was full of the same type of checks. It was black and I first polished it with 3M 39009 Swirl Mark remover which is for dark cars and has fillers in it. ( There is also one for light cars ). Once I was satisfied I could do no better I used the TW colored wax and applied a few coats and followed it with a *NON* cleaner wax. If you use a high solvent content or a cleaner wax your just going to pull all the fillers you just worked so hard to put in.

A polymer sealant works best for this step.

Here is 2 pictures .. before and after .. the clear failure isn't easily seen in the before but the results in the after speak for themselves. from more than 5 feet away the problems are virtually non-detectable.

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I buy that, I don't know about 3M SMR having fillers though. I know that's been discussed on Autopia. They're both the same stuff, just colored for the splatter I think. I've used the "dark" on a pearl white Lexus. Did just fine, I kind of preferred it so I could see and clean the splatter. I had my college car egged once and it did kind of crack on me, but it was more from me not cleaning it right away and it sitting in the sun the next day. But that was before my detailing days :oops: .

mybaby, I guess the consensus is to clean it the best you can first, wash, clay, polish (3M swirl mark remover or what ever your preference is). If that works, then just use whatever wax you like, if it doesn't, try the Turtle Wax stuff, I've seen it work too, black is the easiest. White and Silver are the hardest. Then like Jesstzn said, make sure you use a non cleaner wax. Try Meguiars #20.
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There is various 3M SMRs' the 39009 does have fillers .. If you apply it then buff off and follow that with a 50/50 water / rubbing alcohol mix rubdown you will see the colored fillers come up on a white towel.
Egged Pics

Sorry it took so long, here at the pics:

OK so I am not a photographer, nor want to be one, but you get the idea of what happened.

I was feeling along the clear coat, and you can feel where it is chipped. Maybe that colored wax will work. I will try it!
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I dont think the wax will do much. Nothing will really fill the cracks up. Looks like the egg was thrown pretty hard to impact the clearcoat that much and crack it that badly. I would think about starting to get quotes on getting it repaired if you are that concerned about it.

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