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My air conditioning never worked as expected; it blows hot air!

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The air conditioning on my B6 Passat never worked as expected ever since I bought it new in 2006. It has a climate control where I set the temperature to LO (lowest setting) and depending on the outside/inside temperature, it can take up to about 30 minutes before I start noticing somewhat colder air coming from the blowers, but not cold at all. Basically, if it's 80 degrees outside, the blowing air will be quite hot for about 20-30 minutes, I even have to open windows to get that air out, then it will get a little cooler, but still almost hot. It only lasts for a minute or two before it goes back to very hot. The temperature keeps fluctuating from very hot to hot and maybe sometimes warm, but never cold.

I had this checked a number of times by a couple of dealer service centers and another independent repair shop; they all say it works the way it's supposed to. But I know it's not! It's useless the way it is. Just recently I had the air conditioner maintenance service done and nothing has changed. Any other car I have ever driven, including my previous Golf, Jetta, and my other new Jetta, they all good air conditioning that would blow freezing air within a minute regardless of how hot the outside temperature is.

I love my Passat and I never really had any other issues with it, but I feel hopeless with this one and I'm hoping to find a solution for this problem.
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Do you have Climatronic (twin windows) or Climatic control panel?
If Climatronic then get ahold of my help .doc. PM me an e-mail address for return attach
If Climatic then you'll need VCDS to see if there's any decimal error codes shown in your HVAC module
(they're listed in the help doc too)

When did you have a re-gas?
That's Climatronic (Climatic doesn't have the two small windows' display) PM received, .doc sent
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