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My 2014 Wolfsburgh edition dies randomly, and then will start and immediately die for a while. It happened twice today. No codes or anything. Last year if you sat in a drive through or something too long idling, it would die, and wouldn't start again until it cooled off. I never got a concrete diagnosis, but a friend mechanic suggested that it could be the battery. It tested good, but he said if the plates were separating after getting hot idling, it could lose voltage enough to make the pcm not know what to do. I replaced the battery, and hadn't had any problems with it since then.
Now today, my wife comes to get me for lunch, and we're sitting in the parking lot eating, because all of the restaurants have their lobbies closed because of coronavirus. Anyway, We sat there for like 20 minutes with the engine off, and when she tries to start it to leave, it starts then immediately dies. So I open the hood and look around, and decide to check the oil. It was very low, so I'm thinking that maybe it has a sensor that won't let it start if the oil gets too low. So I put oil in it up to where it should be, and not immediately, but a few minutes later, it starts.
So I instruct my wife to go get the oil changed. When they are done, she and my son go to Sonic drive in for a drink. When she goes to leave, it does the same thing again. starts, then dies. So after about 45 minutes, I'm making arrangements to have it towed to the VW dealership, and it starts while I'm on the phone with her, so I just tell her to take it straight home.
When she gets home, and pulls into the garage, she shuts it off. Then tries to immediately start it, and it fires right up like nothing ever happened.

I'm seriously starting to think this car is bi-polar...............

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