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my 1999 passat is gushing coolant out behind the engine/ above the transmission.

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how do i find this leak? its a 1.8t. i have coolant temperature sensor out right now. i can't see a bad hose from above or below.seals seem ok on sensor.coolant is clean. so is oil. never overheated before it bursted somewhere while driving. the red cooling system warning light started flashing. upon reaching home, there was a hissing sound of hot air release while coolant gushed down off of transmission to the ground. it was too hot to deal with. i don't want to put CTS back in yet but may have to, to find it. its a tight fit
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Seems like that area has a bracket for supporting the recirculated crankcase gas (PCV) tube. I'll need to have a closer look at what's under my hood in that area. Do you have a catch can instead of the stock metal tube here?

Use a pair of vice grips to tighten (yes tighten) that stud a little (you'll feel it move when the threads "wake up") before trying to loosen it. If the stuck stud were mine, I'd use a dremel to grind a couple flat spots on opposite sides of that bolt.

If you get things back together this eve, don't forget to use the proper G12++ or G13 coolant...too many things go wrong down the road if you don't.

Good Luck
^Ahh, an installation of marginally compatible cylinder head hack so we can get it running and out of the shop and get paid, makes itself known.

I gave up after 3 minutes of looking for that funky-shaped stud on the back of my stock AEB head the other day. :O ;)
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