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Hey guys not sure if this is the right place to post this but i thought i might just post my progress on my b5.

Main mods:
  • Boser hood extension
  • Custom stock headlights+smoked tails and markers
  • 19" Falken koblenz wheels
  • FK tuning lowering springs 2.2 in the front 1.6 in the back
  • S5 LED headlights coming soon! on shipment!
  • K04 Turbo waiting to be installed!
  • Magnaflow exhaust

Not an actual photo but this is exactly what my car looked like when I got it. I paid $1000 for my b5 :lol:

and then I played around a little and turned it into this.. (not my favorite point for this car but just some fun here and there until my real parts arrived!
black wheels, smoked lights and corners

painted the splitters a grey colour I had lying around the garage..

FINALLY IT CAME!!! Now the fun begins!

painted it to match the splitters.. completely temporary ofcourse haha:rolleyes:

painted the roof black ;) and modded my headlights!

ass shots lol




Say hello to my lowered friend ;)

painted on a diffuser haha

Got these bad boys! 19" Falken Koblenz not really a fan but they were a great price!

and thats my build! what do you guys think? :bowdown:


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Looks good!

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B-e-a utiful, these photos made my wife want to purchase the boser hood extension off of euro styles east website (legit or not?).

What were your installation instructions ? Screwed or welded ? Details please.
Thanks alot means alot to hear that guys! and as for the boser hood mines made from fiber glass and what i did was drill screws thru the bottom because u have about 2 inches that go under hood. after I drilled thru the extension and into the hood from underneath the hood then i cut off the tips pointing out from the top and sanded the sharp ends down. Ill try and post a pic of the hood extension and the gap from the fender, id recomend shaving down the corners of the extension to be in line with the fender

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Looks good from outside. But how long do you think she will run for you? Given her age I'm not optimistic.
For someone to put this much effort into their car, it will run forever. All you need to do is keep replacing parts. If the outside looks good it's more incentive to keep fixing whatever breaks.
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